COVID-19 Updates

This page will service as a site to provide current status updates for the ongoing changes due to the current environment and government restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic.  As this situation is unfolding by the day at this point, we will try to keep this page updated best that we can as we know that you are all anxious about the coming season.


The below is from our President Phil Millspaugh:

Due to the rapid spread of the novel corona virus and the rapidly changing restrictions on social gathering, NYPRA feels it is necessary for us to no longer encourage large gatherings for these times being. Thus we are not supporting the organized training weekends for this spring. This decision is to help protect the health and safety of our members and more importantly to help do our part in slowing further spread of covid 19. Thank you for your understanding. 

That said...the previously posted dates and locations can still serve as a meeting point for those that wish to have a group paddle.


This is a tough time for all of us and will continue to be so for a while.  I'm sure we're all keeping an eye on things as they unfold.  As things change lets continue to communicate often so we can keep our members updated.  As it currently stands, I imagine we won't be racing until May at the earliest... June is more likely. I'll continue to be in contact with race officials and will update you all as I get new information. 

Current List of Cancelled Races from our schedule: (updated 6/03/20)

Wells Bridge Paddlers Spring Race

Middleburgh Sloughter Canoe/Kayak Regatta

Upper Ashuelot Canoe/Kayak Race

Run of Charles

Wappinger's Creek White Water Derby

Little River Ramble

Canton Canoe Weekend

General Clinton Canoe Regatta

Round the Mountain Canoe and Kayak Race

USCA Nationals

Towpath Regatta

Tupper Lake 8-Miler

Electric City Regatta

Barge Chaser Canoe and Kayak Race

Cranberry Lake Canoe/Kayak Race

Adirondack Canoe Classic "The 90 Miler"

Races Currently Postponed with hopes to reschedule (updated 6/03/20)

NNYP Weekly Time Trials - NOW RUNNING

Ed Wessels Canoe Regatta - RESCHEDULED TO 06/13-14

Feeder Canal Canoe and Kayak Race

The WIld Goose Chase

Madrid Canoe Regatta - RESCHEDULED TO 8/15-16

Armond Bassett Canoe & Kayak Race

We are currently working on some "virtual/digital" races to help fill the void of the cancelled races this year.  Stay tuned for more on that.