Tupper Lake
8 Miler

Tupper Lake 8-Miler Canoe, Kayak and SUP Race Back Again

The seventh running of the Tupper Lake 8-Miler canoe, kayak and SUP race took place on Saturday 26 June 2021 after a year’s hiatus due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Wet and windy early morning weather made registration for the race a soggy affair, but Mother Nature relented and skies cleared just before race start. Forty-four boats with 60 paddlers and one canine (a passenger) set off in two waves. Canoes and the lone guide boat and SUPs were in the first wave, and three minutes later were the kayaks and surf skis. First to return on the out and back course, that goes from Simon Pond up the Raquette River to the turn-around at the Oxbow, were Royal McDonnell of Lake Clear and Jim Malloy of Henrietta in their K-1, IF Olympic sprint kayaks. Youth finally prevailed in what had been a cat and mouse affair, and 23-year-old Royal out sprinted 63-year-old Jim at the finish line for the two fastest times of the day: 1:07.01 to 1:07.04. 

            A little more than five minutes behind was Eric Young of Mooers Falls in 1: 12.41 closely followed by the first woman, also in an unlimited surf ski, Phoebe Reese of Oneonta, in 1:13.13. Both were in the under 50 class. About two minutes later the touring kayaks and SS20 surf skis began to arrive led by David Wiltey from Johnstown in 1:15.02 with Jay Appleton of Fayston, Vermont second and Bob Raymonda third. This class, men over 50, was the largest in the race with ten kayaks and surf skis. Breaking up the lead three was Paul Tomblin from Rochester in the unlimited men over 50 class with a time of 1:15.03, as well the first canoe in the C-2 mixed amateur under 50 class with Rebecca Sutter of Saranac Lake and Michael Shlimmer of Courtland in a time of 1:15.38.

            First in the touring kayak class for men under 50 was Chris Legard from Williamstown 1:16.08, and Emily Hart, also from Williamstown, for the women in 1:22.15. Eileen Visser of Potsdam, with passenger canine, was first for the women over 50 in 1:26.09.

            The men over 50 in the C-2 amateur class were fairly close behind Sutter and Shlimmer with Roger Henry of Redford and Jim Amell of Gansevoort in 1:17.02 with Alec Davis and Neal Sand of Milton Vermont in 1:19.53. Rodger Dempster of Saranac Lake and the grand ole patriarch of canoe racing in New York State, Glen Vanderwinckel from Webster, were third in 1:29.16. Dave Preston of Pennellville was first in the C-1 Amateur Men under 50 class in 1:24.37, and Will Siegfried of Potsdam was first in the over 50 class in 1:26.18. Kim and Ed Greiner of Esperance were the only pair in the C-2 amateur mixed class with a time of 1:25.46.   

            There was one family C-2 team of Matthew and Bruce Braman from Greene in 1:19.43. There were six C-2 and C-1 stock classes with Mary and Allen Kelly of Rensselaer Falls the fastest in 1:22.49. There were some tight races in the C-2 stock men over 50 class with Peter Cain of Potsdam and Brian Watson of Watertown finishing in 1:25.22, and Duke Fisher of Bainbridge and Amber Giles behind in 1:25.58. Even closer was the tussle between Linsey and Greg Stevens from Hartford and Steve Dilger and Aviva Gold from Potsdam in the C-2 stock mixed class: 1:34.16 to 1:34.18. There were three solo recreation classes with Placid Boatworks and Hornbeck ultra-light pack canoes with John Morona of Lake Clear the fastest in 1:29.40. Jon Vermilyea of Baldwinsville and Kevin Berl of Rochester were the only guide boaters and finished in 1:35.06, while Randy Young of Saranac Lake was the lone SUPer and completed the course in 1:41.12.

            Many of the paddlers remained in the area to compete in the Celebrate Paddling Race in Saranac Lake on Lake Flower the following day.

            All the proceeds from the race will go to the Heart Center of Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake.          



Unlimited Kayaks Men under 50

Royal McDonnell:        1:07.01

Eric Young:                  1:12.41


Unlimited Kayaks Men over 50

Jim Mallory:                 1:07.04                     

Paul Tomblin:               1:15.03


Unlimited Kayaks Women under 50

Phoebe Reese:               1:13.13


Touring Kayak/SS20 Men over 50

David Wiltey:                1:15.02

Jay Appelton:                 1:16.14

Bob Raymonda:             1:16.24

Jim Phillips:                   1:22.36

Peter Jaworski:               1:24.26

Bill Short:                       1:27.21

Karl Cook:                      1:27.40

Chris Frechette:              1: 28.28

Joshua Ryan:                  1: 44.30

Steven Buzzell:              1:55.16


Touring Kayak Men under 50

Chris Legard                  1:16.08


Touring Kayak Women under 50

Emily Hart:                    1:22.15


Touring Kayak Women over 50

Eileen Visser:                1: 26.09


C-2 Mixed Amateur under 50

Rebecca Sutter/Michael Schlimmer:          1:15.38


C-2 Amateur Men over 50

Roger Henry/Jim Amell:                            1:17.02

Alec Davis/Neal Sand:                               1: 19.53

Rodger Dempster/Glen Vanderwinckel:    1:29.16


C-2 Family

Matthew/Bruce Braman:                    1:19.42 


C-2 Stock Mixed over 50

Mary/Allen Kelly                              1: 22.49

Wendy/Brian Sanders:                       1: 24.52 

Blanche Town/Chas Billingsley        1: 24.57


C-1 Amateurs Men under 50

Dave Preston:                                    1:24.37


C-1 Amateurs Men over 50

Will Siegfried:                                   1:26.18


C-2 Amateur Mixed over 50

Kim/Ed Greiner:                                1:25.46


C-2 Stock Men under 50

Andy/Picking/Brandon Devito:          1:32.52


C-2 Stock Men over 50

Peter Cain/Brian Watson:                   1:25.22

Duke Fisher/Amber Giles:                  1:25.58

Dennis Bradley/ Dennis Hadley:         1:45.42


C-2 Stock Mixed under 50

Lindsey/Greg Stevens:                        1: 34.16

Steve Dilger/Aviva Gold:                    1:34.18


C-1 Stock Men over 50

Nathaniel Corwin:                               1: 35.23


C-1 Stock Women under 50

Sara Mele:                                            2:02.04


Solo Rec Men over 50

John Morona:                                       1:29.40

Chris Hoven:                                        1:40.10


Solo Rec Men under 50

Cory McWilliams:                                1:48.26

John Ryan:                                            1:49.16


Solo Rec Woman over 50

Linda Grace:                                         1:52.04


Two Person Guide Boat

Jon Vermilyea/Kevin Berl:                   1:35.06


SUP Men over 50

Randy Young:                                       1:41.12