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General Clinton Day 1 (Saturday)


Registration and Race Times:

May 25, 2024

11:00am 15 Mile Sprint Races – Start at Wells Bridge
12:00pm Grand Prix Relay – Southside Oneonta
1:00pm Scout Races – on Unadilla River

Race Distance(s):

15 Miles

Entry Fees:


Address for Pre-Registration:
(Late fees after May 8th)


Start at Wells Bridge, Finish at General Clinton Park, Bainbridge, NY

Google Maps Link:

Race Website:

Points Race:


The General Clinton Sprint Races are a warm up for the 70 miler that happens the next day. This race starts at the Unadilla Fishing Access, New York and follows the last 11 miles of the 70 miler. This is a great race for the pit crews, feeders, scout leaders and all other paddlers that might not be ready for the big race.



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